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  • Nick Name: BJ, 黒ちゃん, まぐろぉ, 他
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High-Acolyte Study #1
I guess I would like to note some hunting place for fighter high acolytes. Of course, these hunting places are not to maximize the rate of growth, but it's pretty "reasonable" for the non rich, regular light player of Ragnarok.

Lv.1 - Lv.14
Poring Island as usual! I don't have a picture of it, but anywhere you can go hunting would work.


Still, more poporing would work as well as these red-frog lives in the One map right of the Comodo Island. Now at this point, even you are acolytes, don't expect to heal yourself with your healing skill. Use the recovery items, instead. Save your SP for the "blessing" or "Increase Agility" skills.
* At this point, if you are to take the "pneuma", then I guess it's a good idea to take it in the early stage. (To take Pneuma straight, you are required to take: Ruwach-Teleport (2 skill levels)-Warp Portal (4 skill levels)-Pneuma) Once you aquired Pneuma, you will probably go to first at Toy Dungeon in Lutie and then to Amatsu, whatever works is fine.

For those who do not obtain pneuma at the early stage, just stick with me.


With the high acolytes Max HP, you can easily do solo in the Oak Dungeon 1F as soon as you get to the Lv.20 ish... More over, Oak Dungeon Field is much better... In early stage of 20's it's prolly a lil challenging to fight against Oak Lady, but the experience points are great! Beside, even with low str status avi, you can use the Type specific weapon (ex. fire) to give an Okay blow to the monster.
The toy Dungeon is always good. In the early 20's, you are prolly better off staying in the 1st floor of Dungeon. (If you are rich enough to afford the recovery items, then go ahead to the 2nd floor... although, I strongly advise that you will not attack the "Mystcase" just yet. (Mammonite will easily kill in just a instant!) Just fighting against Cruiser (the guy with a gun) and Green Cookie (green elfish looking guy) would give you very satisfactory experience points.
Another hunting spot is: Mine dungeon. Skelton Worker is very slow in walking and its attacking speed. So, only thing that is yucky about this monster is it often uses "Critical attacks" which in no way of avoiding it... Also in this dungeon, there is blue mouse monsters (which you better off just to use the "Fly wing" to escape.) and Mist... Mist is very yucky, because I doubt you can avoid its attack just yet. Not only that but it uses poison attack... So, if you don't see anyone around, just use Fly wing and keep on fighting Skeleton Worker and some Moles there.


Of course the toy dungeon is the one that you are prolly stick with the longest!!! (Unless you have pneuma...)
At Lv. 20's you carry around 200 Orange Potion.
(If you are normal acolyte, Milk will do just as well!)
For high acolytes, since your MHP is way way higher than what it used to be from when you were regular acolyte, so unh... Hitting on Milk button is "VERY" tiresome! (lol Better to carry Orange (or Red, if you like) Potions.
The 200 Orange Potion will prolly only last like 10 minutes...But Don't get discouraged... Kept on going back and forth! (advise you to save your save point at Ardebalan.) EXP points are really good!!
Also, be smart about where you fight. Using the objects in the dungeon well to avoid any unnecessary encouter with the Active monster!

At Lv.50ish, I realized I don't need almost any recovery items! (My skill points at this point is:Blessing Lv.10, IA(increase agility) Lv.10, Heal Lv 9-10) Now, that you are off of using Orange portion, this dungeon is pretty economical considering the experience points and the costs!!


Another hunting place recommended by my friend is Einbroch field. Where the Metalring exists... However, this monster will use skill to strip your weapon and since it's non active, I got sleepy...

Lv.47 and up

Using curse bless. (Add "Blessing Lv.1" to your short cut, then using command "/noshift" which allows you to use the supportive skills to monster without holding down the Shift key.) Walk slow, try to approach one by one, using curse bless and with some type (recommended are Water and Fire types) and here you go!
Watch out for the Executioner (The sword monster) and of course the boss monster Dracula (Vampire).

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ManaSphere Clip
I've borrowed a manasphere clip from my friend. (I'm prolly buying this clip once I have enough money!) Here is my thought about this clip:

First, I went to turtle island field map. As you can see, it took me about 2 minutes to get all the 5 spirit balls. This was taken the time when jRO isn't too populated, meaning, not much enemies are around. So, I walked around a bit to find enemies.

This is taken in Izruid dungeon 4th floor. Since almost all the bots are terminated due to nPro's work, this dungeon was almost people free!!! yet, in this dungeon there are lots of active monsters that will attack you and even when the server doesn't have much people, you can still find a good monster house! As you can see this time I only took about 1 minutes to fill up all the spirit balls.

After using this clip so far, I will conclude below:
This clip is VERY useful. Don't expect you will be filled with 5 spirit balls "continuously", but you will be filled with 5 spirit balls about 95% of the times you hunt. It's very useful because of:
1: It will allows you to have extra short cut botton.
(you can remove "summoning spirit balls" shortcut!)

As you can see, when you have this clip on, you don't have "enchanting delay" nor "motion delay after enchanting". This is pretty big on AGI passive monk, who don't have much of the DEX point as Guillotine Fist specialized monk. You do NOT stop to gain the spirit balls at all! You can just keep on hitting the monster and the spirit ball just appears arround you automatically without giving you any delay!
3: I said this is useful, but not for following hunt:
If you want to hunt with Occult Impaction skills only or Throw Spirit Spheres skills, this card ain't for you. This clip prolly don't do much of the good, if you are gonna keep on using spirit balls, but just hunting with a fist alone, its very useful.
4: I am not "combo" monk, so I don't know how much "combo" actually combo-monk uses. However for semi-combo monk who hunts in Turtle Island field map or any other dungeon, this card could be useful as I was. If you are following type of monk, this card could be useful:
You usually hunt with your triple attack and uses Quadruple attack once in a while to fight against stronger monster.
写真1をみてもわかるとうり、このときの日本鯖は空いてる時間帯です。えっと、この時間は、アメリカ東標準時ですので、それに+12時間されてください。 (日本在住の方は) 
人がすいてる時間帯(ピークは越してる)モンスターの沸きも今いち、俺はてくてく歩いて敵を探してたたいていたので、こんな感じ。 途中でテレポで詮敵もしましたが。モンスターが沢山いて、常時叩ける状態だと10秒に1回はでてたかんじですが、そう出ない場合、敵をさがす時間もかねると1分に1回でてたかな。 このときは。
写真2は伊豆ダンジョンの4Fです。 ここは、おなじく空いてる時間帯にいったにもかかわらず、アクティブモンスターの数が圧倒的に多いので、1分で5個全部でました。(早すぎて一個一個の写真はとれなかった)
1.気球をショートカットから外せる為、そのぶん武器をいれれたり、他のものをいれられるので、大変使えるカードでした。 (AGI-PASSIVEには)
2.写真3をみても分かるとおり、このクリップででる気球の場合、"気功!!”とキャラは叫びますが、詠唱及びモーションディレイ等は一切ありません。つまり、敵を撲り続けられるというわけです。 (普通の気功だと、気功ショトカを押すと、気功詠唱バーが現れ、キャラは叩くのをストップ、右腕を前にだす詠唱ポーズをとり、モーションディレイをくらい、さらにクリックしなおさなければ、敵を再び撲り始めません。) これは、DEXが阿修羅さんほど、高くないパッシブモンクにとっては、嬉しい事で、止まる事なくスムーズに狩りができるので、とても嬉しいクリップでした。
ハッケイ狩りもしくは指弾狩りをメインとする狩場では、このクリップでは、気球補給が追いつきません。 多分その場合は、モーションキャンセルなどのテクニックを駆使して自分で気球補充したほうが早いでしょう。
フルコンボのように"コンボで敵を倒す”モンクさんには、向いてないクリップかもしれません。 理由は上と同じく補給が間に合わないだろうという事。 ただ、セミコンボで、普段3段でメインの狩りをして、時々強い敵に、連打を使うと言う程度のコンボ使用数でしたら、このクリップは使えるんではないかなと思われます。

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