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Sorry for the Confusion
Sorry for the confusion.
No, I am not quiting the blog itself, although I am considering taking off the Ragnarok contents of it (because of copy rights issues).
I'm just not "in" to Ragnarok, for now.
I have seen how the Ragnarok had changed better or worth. Started out with very fresh touch in the MMO game of Asia. Not many of westerners had expected the RO to last this long. We expected it's gonna go down in a year or so, however it didn't. It survived to my surprise, considering how their customer services had been!
Couple of years, jRO had closed their server only to Japanese ip address holders. Which means, I was literally kicked out of MMO. "Online" means you can access from any part of the world to join together and have fun, however, Japanese servers closed down on foreigners for a while for reasons I don't know. They could have just shut off the ip addresses that were used by botters, but instead they decided to punish all foreigners for it.
When the costly beta service had began, they allowed once again the foreign players. Since, when I began this game, there weren't many ppl in iro, there were only 50 or so ppl in iRO and the new patch had been delayed so many times, I didn't think iRO would survive through the first year. I moved to jRO for that reason.
Of course, the customer service sucked as well as those of T-M●BILE, but because the chat was fun and the game itself was fun, I continued to play.
Recently, the GUNGHO had started to use NPRO service to eliminate the cheaters/botters. This was big surprise, cuz I didn't expected at all. I was finally a happy customer. But of course those good old times doesn't last long enough to enjoy, soon I realized the bots were back and back rapidly! It's not new thing and I'm no naive players, but hey, it still angers me. It angers me because many botters were considered as foreigners and well I believe some of them are foreigners for that matter, but because of them, some time, I get unwelcomed message just because I'm foreigners.
When you can't have fun in the game, it's time to stop.
Just relax and sit back to see if GUNGHO does show us some honest efforts for the honest customers.

meanwhile, I need to think what I would write about in here.
Hmmm, may be about my puppy, the siberian husky would be a good idea, huh?
/ 2006/05/18(Thu)04:07 /
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-I'm taking a break from Ragnarok Online-

While I'm off of it, I started to enjoy the Mixi SNS. I had an account there before, but I haven't been using much, since I write blog in here.
Mixi doesn't have to take your time like RO does, and you can just click on and log in while you are doing studies or something. You can write something when you are taking a break from studies or work, or may be while waiting the downloading to finish. Just small time here and there is enough with Mixi.
Best of all, Mixi has some interesting communities there. I mean, just ask for something and you are most likely to find your interest of the community, no matter how silly it may sound!
I got to know one guy who lived like me: some part in foreign country and some part in own countries, going through the "american school", and tendency to talk half mixed languages. (lol I mean, I didn't think I would be finding a new friend that we know what we were trying to say, before we even say it! (lol It's like I got my brothers back, we finish each other's sentence, etc.
Anyway, so that's what's going on mainly in my online life. My real life is busy with work of translation and some studies. (lol

Take care all!
/ 2006/05/16(Tue)09:12 /
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VISA card Danger
Lately, I have been getting the outragious bills from the one of Europe oriented Cell phone company called T-MOBILE.
I have only bought one time pre-paid go phone from this company and one refill at the store... Since, I found out I wasn't getting enough coverage, I only used this phone so many times and with only one refill. However the bill kept coming. I thought may be I forgot to shut off the automatic payment or something for that, but it turns out some one had been using my credit card number...
This month, T-MOBILE had billed me over $1700... Now, this kind of amount had hit me, that it wasn't me forgetting shutting off automatic payment or anything but someone else had been using the credit card number of mine.
I always thought those kind of things happen to people who are not organized, one who easily tell people their personal informations, or one who easily drop a wallet of his...
I am very secretive person and I take care of my personal informations myself. I never lost a wallet! I seen on commercial to warn people about the stolen identity, but I never expect I be the vitim of one.
Now, I have been writing to customer service care of T-MOBILE, however their responses are very suspicious...
First, they told me they couldn't find any account under my card number and they don't have post payment record! Other than those I bought as go-phone account. They told me that I shouldn't get that kind of bills...
Second time, They replied my suspicions about "loss of post payment record, when infact I have been billed", they told me the possibility of stolen card number.
Third time, they told me they had found one account that is open... (Wird, isn't it?) They told me the card was activated with the social security number but my last four digit of social security number do NOT match with it, so they can't stop that particular account.
By this time, each are saying different thing in almost 2 days or so. I got sick of writing e-mail complaints and tried to call the customer service using my current phone from ****lar. First time I called, the machine would pick up and say because it's not the T-MOBILE number, they can't continue. Second day I called, now the machine voice had changed to "Some restriction on that particular number"... very suspicious, indeed!
I wrote e-mail complaints to call my phone from their office, because e-mail complaints are not getting anywhere! The reply was that "T-MOBILE customer service do NOT offer outbound call".
Are they trying to get away from customers' claims, or what?!
Now, lemme tell you something, I never expected there could be worse customer care service than those of GUNGHO but this T-MOBILE is just as bad!

I have called the card issure, told my suspicion on my card number being stolen. I was very panicky at this time, cuz this is outragious amount and T-MOBILE customer care service was so aweful. However card company said to be calm and it will probably covered by insurance so not to worry so much. They are going to research in this matter next week.

I do hope the insurance will cover my losses...
I just realized how easily to be taken advantage of...
The card had definately moved our life easier, but also easier for those disrespectful thief.

Be aware, whenever you use credit card...
Take care of yourself, protect your self whatever it takes to do so.
Be safe!
/ 2006/05/06(Sat)06:11 /
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To: My Friend Skyline
Thanks for the reply and most certainly you are welcome to write in open comment about anything. I am glad you took one step forward to shape up your English skill. Most of the people I met, they do the "talks" but never act on it. I am soooo pleased to see that you are the person of action! Once you take the initial step, it will only get you closer to your goal.

About the Republic of Peru, their native language is NOT English. Their major language would be the Spanish. I am not sure how skilled in English the person you were able to contact with, but as you know, Western Languages (Ex:English, Spanish, French, Italian, etc.) does come from one base language which is Latin. So, the chances are this person may have been familiarized in English Language. It might be good, cuz you get a chance to learn Spanish or whatever native language of his/her as well as English.

If I could give you one more advice, that would be this:
If you don't know something, first, look around and search, if you still aren't sure about something, then ask around. Do NOT let go of the ambiguity you might encounter, cuz ambiguity is like a snow ball, it could only get bigger and bigger, unless you smash it!

Oh, one more thing! (geeesh, I really started to sound like the famous detective, Columbo!)
Take TOEFL exam, once you are comfortable with your English language. Japanese EIKEN means really nothing and it sure doesn't represent the English skill of a person accurately. This TOEFL is one of the world widely administered and recognized test for people who's native language is other than English. Of course, scoring high in this exam only means that you does have "basic" communicative & writing & reading skill needed. However, this English exam is much higher level than those of "EIKEN" exam. TOEFL also administers TWE (writing test), TSE (speach test). I recommend you will take those as well. Most American & Canadian universities require those test to be taken as additional entrance exam. It's a very accurate way of knowing your English level. There are other testing but that I recommend after you tried TOEFL.

Have fun and thanks for the comment.
Feel free to write about anything you wish in comment section. One more idea I suggest is make your own blog site as well and try to write something daily. It will improve the vocab as well as writing technique.

P.S. I did have another blog site that totally focused on my real life interest. I eliminated that web site though... May be one of these day, I will make another blog site that focused on other than games.

Best wishes
何かを学ぶにおいて、必須である最初のステップ"行動にしめす”ということをされたようで、とても嬉しく思います。 僕はよく、日本語どうやって学んだの? 英語どうやったらできるようになるの?と質問されて、ここに書いた用な感じで説明はするのですが、説明しても "行動”に移す人っていうのは、少なくて。。。 結局みんな "話”だけで、実際にやる気なんてないんじゃないかなって、ちょっと 失望気味になる事が多かったので。 貴女が、言葉だけではなく 行動に移した事を読んで、本当に嬉しく思いました。

ペルーは、(英語のほうのリンクをクリックして見てくださいね)メインでしゃべられてる言語としては、植民地時代の影響がありスペイン語です。 その方の事はわからないけども、ネイティブでないのかもしれませんね。でも、スペイン語や英語、また他の欧米諸国言語においては、どれもが”ラテン語”から発達したもので、共通な部分も多くあります。 彼・彼女の英語のレベルがどのようなものかは、僕には分かりませんが、スペイン文化やペルー文化を学ぶのも いい経験になるとおもいます。 ”英語をならうとして不安になったり”と思うよりは、ペルーという国についても 知る事ができるというふうに捕らえてはどうでしょう? 相手の国・文化を学ぼうとしないかぎり、相手に受け入れられるわけはないから。 これは 僕の経験から言える事ですが。 (例えば:僕が日本にいって ずーっと英語しかしゃべらないでいたら、日本人はどうおもうでしょう? 例えば、僕の学びたい言語が日本語ではなくて、韓国語だとします。 そこで 韓国語も話すという日本人と交流するにおいて ”でも 日本人の韓国語って不安だな”とか思っていたりすると、相手にも以心伝心でそういうのは伝わっていくかと。 韓国語も学ぶチャンスで尚且つ、日本語もまなぶチャンスだととるほうが、相手の人には良い印象をあたえるんじゃないかな。)ペルーという国を知らないなら、これから知っていって、彼らの文化も学び、また英語も一緒に勉強していくと いうふうにいけば 一石二鳥な気がします。

もうひとつアドバイスとして: これは何を学ぶにおいても言える事ですが、"分からない事は まず 自分で調べる! それでも あやふやだったら、聞いて回る。 あやふやを 残さない”という事です。 今はインターネットでも色々あるし、調べるのも スピーディーに行えます。 少しでも分からないところがあれば、調べて見る、とにかく答えを見つけ出そうとする姿勢は 大事だと思います。 例えそれが、”英語”だけにこだわったものでなくても。 

もういっこ最後に!(あー。段々 自分がコロンボ刑事(アメリカの有名刑事ドラマ)ににてきたな。。。=コロンボ刑事は いつも 調べるときに、”あ もう一つあった! もう一つあった!(質問が)”と言います。)

TOEFLというテストを、ある程度英語になれたら 受けられることをすすめます。(TOEFLについても英語のほうのリンクで飛ばれて下さい)。 日本の英検ってのは、本当に全く価値のないものなので。。。(国際的に見て) +英語能力を計るについて 英検というものの点数は ある意味、視力検査で分からなくて適当に 答えてるようなくらいしか 実力を計ると言う意味での力は発揮できてないかと。 もう一ついうなら、英検のハードルは低すぎます。 

TOEFLというテストは、(英語を外国語とする人達の英語スキルテスト)で、アメリカ・カナダの大学では 入試に+@された形で 絶対受けなくては行けない一つになっています。 TOEFLでハイスコアをとれたからといって 完璧ってわけではないのですが、大学1年生として学んでいくに必要な英語能力は 備わってきているという事をしめします。 また、TOEFLには TWE(論文)・TSE(日常会話)のテストも追加であるのですが、マークシートだけではなく、実際に英語を”英語で学べているか”っていう所まで テストされていけると思います。 そういったうえでも、自分の実力を知る上で、重要なテストになってくるのでは。。。 (もちろん リスニングもあります)

独学で日本語を学んだ自分としては、独学だと気楽な分もありますが ”自分の能力を計りたい”というときのテストはやはり必要ではないかなと考えています。 僕の場合は 漢字検定でしたが。 この実力が数値でしめされることで、余計自分の負けん気に火をつけられた感じで いい意味で エンジンがかけられた感じになったようです。

P.S.もちろん ここへのコメントはオープンで、英語でかまいません。 どんどん、書き込んで、僕を教材の一つとして 使って下さい。 僕もそうやって 日本人を使って 日本語を学んできたし!今度は僕が、返す番です。

前のコメントで 日常的なことも読んでみたいとかかれていましたが、実は、昔は リアルメインのブログもあったんです。 もう消しちゃいましたけど。  内容は気のむくままにかいていて、時には詩であったり、犯罪精神学についてであったり、音楽についてであったりしたんだけど。 またそのうちに 作るかもしれません。
/ 2006/04/29(Sat)06:13 /
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TO: Skyline
Sorry for being late to respond to your comment. I thought that was from another of my friend and I wrote it on their blog site! (duh!
To answer your question regarding about my English, Answer would be NO. NO, I don't consider about Japanese readers. I write translated version of my diary, but that isn't really for the Japanese, it's mainly for me to practice. However, I try not to use "slangs" and abbr. that only understandable for Americans or English speakers. Since, my blog site does have Chinese readers as well as one of my friend from Germany, I tried to see English as "international language", the tool to communicate world widely...

Regarding to my Japanese skill:
Unh, I practiced and studied on my own, HARD! (lol
In part, my personality had helped me push to get where I am, I guess... See, I hate being taken advantage of by anyone and I don't like to lose! If someone else had done it, then I think, there is no reason or no "excuse" for me not to. If someone else can do it and if I can't do it, then either I am a failure or I ain't working hard enough.
One of the lowest excuse I hear from other peeps is this:
"We live in Japan (or wherever) and we don't have environment that familiarize with the English, so we are not good at it..."
To this excuse, I say, hey if you don't got so-called "environment or atomosphere", why don't you look for it, or better yet, why don't you make it!
I live in USA, and in my neighborhood the languages spoken other than English are Arabic, French, Irish and other European languages. Certainly, I don't hear people around me speaking Japanese. Yet, I don't excuse myself from not learning the language because of the environment. If I don't have an environment, I will search for it and will make myself into wherever I can get practice at. Using internet, I found lots of chat sites & Online games, where most of the users (players) are Japanese. I jump in there and start chatting. If I can do it, then sure proves everyone else can do it.

In everything people does, the limit is where each set a limit at. It can be as high as Mt. Everest or as low as under the sea. All the chances are there, it's really up to the person, how hard you push yourself.

The "study" only was boring to me... The basics (such as grammer and vocabs.) are very important, but also one need to be able to emphasize outside the "controlled situation". I've read countless stories from historical writing as well as comics. I have gathered some tv crippings and watched, then if I like some line in the movie or drama, I would repeat the line outloud over and over. Listen to some musics done by Japanese singers and try to sing their songs while I take shower. After learning the basics, it's up to a person to either you enhance what you learned, or let it be waste. You are given a tool by learning basics, it's up to you to either use the tool to build something or throw away the tool in a trash.

I guess, those personality of mine or principle I held, had lots to do with my Japanese skill. Some say, I'm too "ambitious" or "aggressive", but hey, there's no easy way out. No shortcuts. No cheating to life.

Good luck with your study in English language as well as other things that you are trying to accomplish. After all, as old saying puts it: "When you put your mind to it, there's nothing you can't accomplish in life!"

P.S. Use me to enhance your English study, if you like.
(Like commenting in here etc.)
To スカイラインさんへ

RO日記書くにあたり、"日本人向け”にしているとかいうわけでは、ありません。 また、日本人を意識しているわけでもなくて。 
只、しいて気を付けている事といえば、スラングを使わなかったり、省略・ネット語・アメリカンしか分からない言語・専門用語などは 極力使わないようにしています。 これは、日本人を意識というよりは、世界の"共通語”である英語というのを意識しての事です。 私のサイトには、中国語を母国語とする方とドイツ人の友人らも度々のぞきに来てくれているようなので、極力 "共通語”として通じる英語 (辞書でしらべれば分かる英語)で書くようにしています。 ちなみに、大体の日記には日本語でも 似たような内容をかいていますが、それらは"日本人向け”に書いてるつもりではなく、あくまでも、自分の練習用に書き撲っているという感じです。 

独学で学びました。 もちろん それなりの努力はしたんじゃないかな?と思います。 
ものすごく負けん気がつよい私は、他の人ができるなら自分もできるはずだ。 もし、できないのなら、それは自分がダメか、努力をしていないからだと思うわけです。 

”英語を話す環境にいないから・・・”とか言うのを聞きますが、私はそれが、いちばん最低ないい訳だと思います。 私の住んでいる付近では、英語の次の言語として、アラビア語・フランス語・アイルランド語・他のヨーロッパ言語などが "大手外国語”です。 日本人は ほとんど見ませんし、日系の人も 見ない場所なんですが、もちろん日本語は 聞きませんし。 (普通に生活していれば) でも、私は、インターネットを利用して、日本人ユーザーしかいないと言っても過言ではないようなチャットサイトやゲームサイトをみつけ、その中に自分をぶちこんでみました。 環境がないというのは、いいわけにはならないと自分に言い聞かせています。 実際にチャットサイトで作った友だちとMSN交換をして、普段から会話をしてみたり、ゲームで会話をしてみたり。。。 環境はいくらでも転がっている、それを使うか使わないかが スキルの上達につながるんではないかなと思っています。

何でもそうですが、基礎は大事です。 基礎があっての"応用”ですから。 基礎をなくして応用をつかうというのは、瓦礫の上に家をたてるようなもので、もちろん 少しの風でもふけば 土台もろとも崩れてしまいます。
ただ、基礎だけでは ゴージャスな家にはならないわけで、ゴージャスな家にするためには、応用を"使おうとする実践力”(飾りつけ)が 必要なわけです。

自分には、”勉学”という"基礎”だけでは 飽きてしまうので、自分にあった方法を自分で見つけ出し、自分が飽きないように してきました。 例えば、チャットで出会った友人とのMSN会話であったり、映画であったり、音楽であったり。  古今物語や歴史的読み物 (古典と分類されるもの)から 現代語で書かれた作品、はたまた コミックも読んできました。 歌舞伎なども好きなうちの一つで、歌舞伎十八番の話は ビデオで借りてきてみたり、もちろん通訳なしで見ます。 百人一首のゲームをするみたいに、自分で単語カードを作って、ゲームをしてみたり・・・ 環境が合わないならば、自分にあった環境を作れば よいと 友人にはアドバイスしています。 自分がそうしてきたので。 

そんな感じで、多分 性格も 影響してきたんではないかなと思います。 その人がどこまで上達するかは、その人が自分の限界をどこに置くかで決まってくると考えています。 アメリカでよく言われる言葉ですが、やる気をだして、(努力するならば) なれないものはない! と。 

SKYLINEさんも、言語を勉強中のようなので、一言 頑張ってとエールを送りたいと思います。 私ができたのなら、他の誰でもできるはず。

/ 2006/04/19(Wed)11:36 /
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