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間 黒男

  • 間 黒男
  • Nick Name: BJ, 黒ちゃん, まぐろぉ, 他
    Hobbies: Icehockey, 茶道, 合氣道, 居合い道, 盆栽, 他
    Languages: English, 日本語, 台湾語(a lil), 他




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Frequently Asked Question #1
1. Why do I play RO in Japanese Server?

I have started RO in international server. But at the time, the international server was always the last to get new updates. It was the time long before the first pet patch was installed in Ragnarok, and the matter of fact is, it didn't seem to come in to the international server, anytime soon. I couldn't wait for the pet patch, cause I wanted to get follwoing pets: Desert Wolf Puppy, Poporing, Bufformet Junior, and the munac. As you know, my avi name is taken from the Japanese medical comic, BlackJack. It has the character named Pinoko, that does the funniest act, "achonbriket"... (you can't know, till you read this comic, I guess.) In one of the performance, the pet Munac poses like Pinoko's famous "achonbriket". So, I couldn't wait any longer, and beside, it was the time I personally didn't think the iRO would servive in competitive US online games... I wondered whether I should go into the Taiwanese server or Japanese server. (Those are the two languages that I am familier with...) Since, I'm much fluent in Japanese than Taiwanese, I've chosen to move to Japanese server.
Soon after I moved and got settled in in JRO, the iRO developed greatly... In fact, they eventually went far beyond the jRO in many ways... The customer services, Updating speeds, and 5 character per account... Hey, I did think about going back, but I already had made some friends in jRO... beside it was a great training for my Japanese skill, I guess the "learning new language" was priceless...(lol

2. Why I can speak/write/read Japanese?
The straight forward answer is this: I studied like hell! (lol
Why? Because, I had to move to Japan for one year and a half cause of my parents' job. Staying in foreign country means, you have to protect yourself. You can't just say, "you didn't know" because your inablity to understand their languages. Beside that, I hate "not knowing"... I hate to lose, in every aspects... wheather it's a game or academics... So, I guess the my will power of not wanting to feel like a failure in foreign country kept me going to study foreign language and mastering it...
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