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間 黒男

  • 間 黒男
  • Nick Name: BJ, 黒ちゃん, まぐろぉ, 他
    Hobbies: Icehockey, 茶道, 合氣道, 居合い道, 盆栽, 他
    Languages: English, 日本語, 台湾語(a lil), 他




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Still A Long Way

Here's a shot of myself and another high acolyte.
Unh, I still thinks boy high acolyte is CUTER!!! (lol


My guild member had helped me in the Dragon Dungeon's field map. (I forgot what the dungeon's official name is, but oh well, you got the picture!)
Remember I used to have magician avi as well? Well, this hunting clearly proved to me that indeed I wasn't good at playing as magician!!! I used to remember taking up to at least 3 Fire walls up to 5 or 6 for each of the sand monster! He only used 1 Fire wall and some fire bolts, and that's pretty much it! I tried with 1 Fire wall, but I remember I was getting hit by the monsters.... I guess my standing position was wrong... Anyway, with his help I raised 1 Job level and 1 Base level!!! Thank you soooooooo much!

After a lil while. Another guild member had invited me to a hunt! He is A=I>V priest. (meaning Agility=Intelligence>Vitality in the status section.) Well balanced priest, isn't he? He had a great weapon called "Spike" where it does raise your critical whole a lot!!! Even though, he hadn't raise his Luck points in the status, with the priest skill "gloria", he was just like the "Critical Fighter Priest"!
I had a Golden Mace with the card that raise 10 attack points. (which helps a lot, when you don't have much of a strength in the status point.) Adding to that, I had ice and fire sword maces. We first went to the good ol'e Gefen dungeon 2nd floor. It wasn't much there... So we've decided to go stair case dungeon in Grast Heim. Although, I didn't have earth type weapon, I think it worked out pretty well. My friend was kind enough to give me the whole supportive skills, so I only had to focus on hitting the monsters! (I know... I've been spoiled, ain't I?!)
With the help of my friends, by the end of the hunt my avi had grown 90% of the Lv.55!! Thank you so much for helping me out!

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