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VISA card Danger
Lately, I have been getting the outragious bills from the one of Europe oriented Cell phone company called T-MOBILE.
I have only bought one time pre-paid go phone from this company and one refill at the store... Since, I found out I wasn't getting enough coverage, I only used this phone so many times and with only one refill. However the bill kept coming. I thought may be I forgot to shut off the automatic payment or something for that, but it turns out some one had been using my credit card number...
This month, T-MOBILE had billed me over $1700... Now, this kind of amount had hit me, that it wasn't me forgetting shutting off automatic payment or anything but someone else had been using the credit card number of mine.
I always thought those kind of things happen to people who are not organized, one who easily tell people their personal informations, or one who easily drop a wallet of his...
I am very secretive person and I take care of my personal informations myself. I never lost a wallet! I seen on commercial to warn people about the stolen identity, but I never expect I be the vitim of one.
Now, I have been writing to customer service care of T-MOBILE, however their responses are very suspicious...
First, they told me they couldn't find any account under my card number and they don't have post payment record! Other than those I bought as go-phone account. They told me that I shouldn't get that kind of bills...
Second time, They replied my suspicions about "loss of post payment record, when infact I have been billed", they told me the possibility of stolen card number.
Third time, they told me they had found one account that is open... (Wird, isn't it?) They told me the card was activated with the social security number but my last four digit of social security number do NOT match with it, so they can't stop that particular account.
By this time, each are saying different thing in almost 2 days or so. I got sick of writing e-mail complaints and tried to call the customer service using my current phone from ****lar. First time I called, the machine would pick up and say because it's not the T-MOBILE number, they can't continue. Second day I called, now the machine voice had changed to "Some restriction on that particular number"... very suspicious, indeed!
I wrote e-mail complaints to call my phone from their office, because e-mail complaints are not getting anywhere! The reply was that "T-MOBILE customer service do NOT offer outbound call".
Are they trying to get away from customers' claims, or what?!
Now, lemme tell you something, I never expected there could be worse customer care service than those of GUNGHO but this T-MOBILE is just as bad!

I have called the card issure, told my suspicion on my card number being stolen. I was very panicky at this time, cuz this is outragious amount and T-MOBILE customer care service was so aweful. However card company said to be calm and it will probably covered by insurance so not to worry so much. They are going to research in this matter next week.

I do hope the insurance will cover my losses...
I just realized how easily to be taken advantage of...
The card had definately moved our life easier, but also easier for those disrespectful thief.

Be aware, whenever you use credit card...
Take care of yourself, protect your self whatever it takes to do so.
Be safe!
/ 2006/05/06(Sat)06:11 /
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