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間 黒男

  • 間 黒男
  • Nick Name: BJ, 黒ちゃん, まぐろぉ, 他
    Hobbies: Icehockey, 茶道, 合氣道, 居合い道, 盆栽, 他
    Languages: English, 日本語, 台湾語(a lil), 他




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-About the Stolen Identity-
I guess the credit company's insurance would definately cover the costs of T-Mobile bills... Thank god!!! The world had became very convenient to all of us, but apparently so as to the worthless thieves! I realized that, now... The suspicion of mine against T-MOBILE didn't decreased, though... One thing that is very peculiar to me was if the thief had my card number, why not use the number in other store?? Why only the T-mobile? The customer service had been very aweful from the beginning and their customer service doesn't read your case and its developmant. So, each time you answered to the customer service e-mail, you are back in the beginning, because they change the service operater every time! (It took me to "mention" the name of the Police and 20 more times of e-mail complaints to get me the supervisor, who would finally give you the answer... Then, again, if you replied to the supervisor, the next e-mail comes from another "operater" and you are back in the beginning trying to explain the situation all over again... Why did the first operator told me that they didn't have "bill" record under my card number... How could they tell me that they don't have the "data", when they oviously take the money from bank account...

Anyone want YAKITORI?! This high priest had been good friend to me. Very nice and well skilled high priest!! The monk guy is a guy I just met that day. He seemed very friendly. He told me that he came to my website before, but since it was written in English, he didn't stick around. (lol

My pals (the wizard and the high priest) had been helping me a lot. They took me to the GD3F to raise my job level!! On the way, we saw dracura... Unh, I guess I better stayed way out over here!!

I would be very busy from this month on... So, I wouldn't be in as much. So far, my avi is up to:64/36. May be by the end of the year, I will be the champion? Thanks for my friends for playing with me! Hope to see you, when I get back in!
写真1:良くありそうな 気難しい 焼き鳥屋の大将を演じる俺。 なんか、日本の料理店って結構、熱血漢が多いよね? 職人気質というのか。 ラーメン屋とか・・・ あれって、結構 外国人には異質な物にみえてしまう。 少なくとも、此方の西欧レストランでは あまり見かけない光景だなぁ。 ま、俺が 料理人の裏事情をしらないだけなのかも。 でもやっぱり、怒鳴りちらす料理人がいるところには、いきたくないかな? やっぱ、食事というものは、楽しんで食したい・・・ 子犬の躾でもするように怒鳴り散らされている下っ端のいる料理店では、その下っ端にはそんなに 感性・才能がないのか!と思ってしまうし・・・
写真2:友人達とGDにいきました。 GD3が目的地なのだけど、2Fでドラキュラ退治しているところに遭遇・・・ とりあえず、離れて 恐々応援・・・
写真3:5月から忙しいので、余りONになることがないかなと思います。 仲良くしてくれているハイプリさんと 記念写真を。 64・46まで育ちました。 来年には チャンプになれるかな?
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