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間 黒男

  • 間 黒男
  • Nick Name: BJ, 黒ちゃん, まぐろぉ, 他
    Hobbies: Icehockey, 茶道, 合氣道, 居合い道, 盆栽, 他
    Languages: English, 日本語, 台湾語(a lil), 他




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-I'm taking a break from Ragnarok Online-

While I'm off of it, I started to enjoy the Mixi SNS. I had an account there before, but I haven't been using much, since I write blog in here.
Mixi doesn't have to take your time like RO does, and you can just click on and log in while you are doing studies or something. You can write something when you are taking a break from studies or work, or may be while waiting the downloading to finish. Just small time here and there is enough with Mixi.
Best of all, Mixi has some interesting communities there. I mean, just ask for something and you are most likely to find your interest of the community, no matter how silly it may sound!
I got to know one guy who lived like me: some part in foreign country and some part in own countries, going through the "american school", and tendency to talk half mixed languages. (lol I mean, I didn't think I would be finding a new friend that we know what we were trying to say, before we even say it! (lol It's like I got my brothers back, we finish each other's sentence, etc.
Anyway, so that's what's going on mainly in my online life. My real life is busy with work of translation and some studies. (lol

Take care all!
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Sorry for the Confusion / Operating Room / The Copy Rights, Again?
Will you not write diary here?
I have enjoyed your blog and I want to say to thank you for your blog.
I am sorry that I can't read your diary any more, becase I dont do mixi.
I am looking forward to seeing your blog someday!!

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