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間 黒男

  • 間 黒男
  • Nick Name: BJ, 黒ちゃん, まぐろぉ, 他
    Hobbies: Icehockey, 茶道, 合氣道, 居合い道, 盆栽, 他
    Languages: English, 日本語, 台湾語(a lil), 他




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Sorry for the Confusion
Sorry for the confusion.
No, I am not quiting the blog itself, although I am considering taking off the Ragnarok contents of it (because of copy rights issues).
I'm just not "in" to Ragnarok, for now.
I have seen how the Ragnarok had changed better or worth. Started out with very fresh touch in the MMO game of Asia. Not many of westerners had expected the RO to last this long. We expected it's gonna go down in a year or so, however it didn't. It survived to my surprise, considering how their customer services had been!
Couple of years, jRO had closed their server only to Japanese ip address holders. Which means, I was literally kicked out of MMO. "Online" means you can access from any part of the world to join together and have fun, however, Japanese servers closed down on foreigners for a while for reasons I don't know. They could have just shut off the ip addresses that were used by botters, but instead they decided to punish all foreigners for it.
When the costly beta service had began, they allowed once again the foreign players. Since, when I began this game, there weren't many ppl in iro, there were only 50 or so ppl in iRO and the new patch had been delayed so many times, I didn't think iRO would survive through the first year. I moved to jRO for that reason.
Of course, the customer service sucked as well as those of T-M●BILE, but because the chat was fun and the game itself was fun, I continued to play.
Recently, the GUNGHO had started to use NPRO service to eliminate the cheaters/botters. This was big surprise, cuz I didn't expected at all. I was finally a happy customer. But of course those good old times doesn't last long enough to enjoy, soon I realized the bots were back and back rapidly! It's not new thing and I'm no naive players, but hey, it still angers me. It angers me because many botters were considered as foreigners and well I believe some of them are foreigners for that matter, but because of them, some time, I get unwelcomed message just because I'm foreigners.
When you can't have fun in the game, it's time to stop.
Just relax and sit back to see if GUNGHO does show us some honest efforts for the honest customers.

meanwhile, I need to think what I would write about in here.
Hmmm, may be about my puppy, the siberian husky would be a good idea, huh?
/ 2006/05/18(Thu)04:07 /
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GUMONJI / Operating Room / MIXI
黒蛇王 MVP Lv 73 種族/サイズ 動物/大 Drop

HP 254,993 属性 念3
Exp 34,288 Vit 62
JExp 17,950 Luk 88
射程 3 Aspd
ATK 1433~2210 アクティブ ○
MATK 201~336 詠唱反応 ○
DEF 25+62~71 ルート -
MDEF 55+111 リンク -
100%Hit 175 QM100%Hit 134
95%Flee 312 QM95%Flee 262
スキル 取り巻き召喚(天邪仙人・天仙娘々) コールスレイブ ダークブレス 盾破壊 マグナムブレイク フロストダイバー ホールドウェブ ラッシュアタック テレポート
出現地域 コンロンD3F
コメント 念3と珍しいボス。昔は放置されていたが、Dropがおいしくなったので狙われるようになった。よく盾を壊される。
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