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The Sign -Gathering of the Star Jewlies-
Here is a lil note about the sign quest.
I'm going to write only in English, since there are many sites that already have the walkthrough for Japanese language.
This is a note for myself and other foreigners who plays RO in Japanese server.
今日の記事は、サインクエストについてのフローチャートのような物になります。 ただ、今日のは英語だけで書いて行こうと思っています。日本語ユーザー向けの攻略情報などは、情報サイトに沢山あるので。
この記事は、自分がまたクエストやるときの為のメモのようなものと、他の俺のような、日本語を母国語としないけども日本鯖で遊んでる人にむけて書いてあります。 ので、日本語は省かせて頂きます。 ペコリ(o_ _)o))

The first part of the sign quest, there are several situations where you can advance the quest for certain real world Japanese standard time. If you are in the EST (Eastern Standard Time), I would strongly advise you to begin this questing very early in the morning... (Unless you are really sure of what the heck you are doing and where the heck you are going! having a Portal skills would be nice.) Just to let you know, I have started my quest in 4AM EST (which is about 6:00PM in Japanese time in winter season.) and barely made it to do the time limited quest! Anyway here is the longest and very tiring journey begins:

Click on the Bulletin board in the prontera. Read through.


Go into the house that lies in 2 o'clock on the map, near the Prontera Church. Talk to this chubby guy to find what is all that about. (be sure to talk to him twice) He will ask you to go to the Arlia in Morroc.


Click on the guy in blue (named Hades) and ask about "Arlia".


Then talk to the maid with a bloom in the back. (click on the floor near the maid, its a lil bit tricky but you'll find the pop up to click on.) Ask about Mr. Mets.
After this, you can finally move to Morroc area.


Here is the room that Arlia lives. It is easier to tilt your screen sideway to find the door to enter.


In the room further down in the corner, you will find a big rogue looking guy. He is Arlia. Talk to him and He will ask you to bring certain thing. *Do NOT bring other materials than he asked. Bring the material one by one just as his order, otherwise, you will lose all the materials. After all that is finished, he will ask you to talk to another guy in the room.


Answer just like this one and after you are finished, you will be directed to talk to Arlia, again.


If you passed the lil quiz, you will recieve a piece of Star jewel. Also, Arlia will tell you to go talk to "Daiwu" in Payon.


Daiwu's place lies in middle of the Payon town. Go into the building and you'll see a lots of maids in the entrance and around Daiwu. Answer him as above, and you will recieve the second piece of the star jewel. He will direct you to go to the Aldebaran to talk to "Yornim".


Here is the entrance of Yornim's house. It won't be too hard finding it. No need of tilting your screen at all. (yay)


As you get close to this NPC character, you can see that she had broke one of her portion. Talk to him as above picture, and she will ask you for the materials. Once you have these materials talk to her again. (This NPC as herself describes, she can only be awake till 22:00 (10:00 PM). This means, you have to talk to her before of that time to advance the quest.) Yornim will tell you that she is researching the sorcerer's stone.


After talking to Yornim, talk to Pirupiru in the same room. Ask about the alchemist who had dissappeared. She will tell you about the forrest that lies in south.

Go out through the southern gate of Aldebaran then take the portal at the left. It is the entrance to Prontera dungeon. The first floor (and the third floor) consist of maze. You have to go through in certain order to get to the entrance to the second floor of this dungeon. I would strongly suggest that you will use either teleport skill or bring a lots of Fly wings. This dungeon consist of very tough monsters. It's much safer if you just skip the encounters.


Once you arrive to the second floor. Go up in north where my map shows. When you get to close to the lady in green skirt, you will be teleported to several spots. The goal of this is you have to get to the left side of the same map, shown below. (You can use your teleport skills to get to the goal as well... without using this NPC to port you.)

Once you get to left upper corner. Go up a lil to the north. You will see two NPCs standing there. Talk to Tatta and choose the answer as below. Once you done so, you can see monsters but you do not have to beat them. Just stay come and talk to Tatta again. Ask about the Sorcerer's stone. Read through what he has to say and he will port you to the entrance of the Forrest. (just the south of Aldebaran.)


Go back in to the town of Aldebaran, and talk to Yornim. (Remember, you have to be back here by 22:00 (10:00PM) Japanese time.) Type in the word Blue Gem Stone and you will get another piece of star jewel. If the password Blue Gem Stone didn't work, try the Red Gem Stone.


Go to the town of Gefen. (You can use capra porting service to go there directly from Aldebaran.) Enter the room that shown above.


Talk to the fancy lookin' lady there. Choose the answer above. (it does sound a lil meanish, but hey she can be a lil annoying! hehe) After you talked to her that way, she will be very pissed off and will demand you to the battle of a quiz!
Click on the guy standing next to her to begin the duel!

His quizzes consist of 10 questions. But he have many different versions. So, well good luck on answering the questions correct! (if you take too long time to answer his questions, his quizzes will stop and you will have to start the quiz all over again.)

Once you beat the lady in quiz duel, talk to her again. She will ask your name, so type in your avi's name correctly. Then you will get yourself another piece of the star jewel. (yay)


Next stop, the Comodo island! (Are you getting tired yet?)
Go into the Casino to talk to Dyalease. This is another part of the time limited quest. You can only advance the quest during 18:00-23:00 (6:00 PM - 11:00 PM) Japanese time.


Talk to this guy in the second floor. He will ask you for the 30,000 zeny, give it to him. Talk to him again a lil later, and he will ask you to bring the stuffed animals and other things he likes.
Make sure you have at least the following:
2 stuffed animals that are sold by NPC stores. (make sure you have 2 different kinds)
2 Stuffed animals that are not sold in regular NPC stores.
*Munac Doll doesn't work in here, so you better get another one.
Once you passed his demand. He will port you to the dancing test place.

Click on the Chatroom to enter the test. And well... Good luck.
I had a very hard time doing this part, because of the lag... If you are lagging badly you are better off come back later on. Use your Speed boosting skills (if you have it), which makes the test a lil easier... You can go off line if you get tired of trying and you can still come back in the waiting room of the dancing test. So, take a break, if you feel like its gettin' to ya and pray that you will pass! (haha)

Talk to this NPC that is in the waiting room of the dance test after each of your dances to hear your scores. Once you pass, she will tell you so, otherwise she will tell you to do the test over again. (If you see other peeps waiting here, take turns, since this testing can be done one by one.)

After you finished your dance, go back into the casino to talk to Dyalease again. He will give you another piece of star jewel! (hooray...) He will also direct you to go meet Baker in Alberta.


Baker lives here in Alberta. You can see the map above. It wasn't tricky or anything to find his place.

Talk to a chubby merchant, Baker as above. He will ask you to come back later, so click and bug him again as above.

Talk to Siren out side Baker's room. She will tell you that she is busy cleaning and such.

Talk to a butler in the first floor as above. He will tell you to bring the stuff to Sir. Riebigh.

Go to Juno Town and talk to Sir. Riebigh. (You can see where he is at on above map.) Sir. Riebigh will give you the signiture for recieving the package.

Go back to Baker's place in Alberta.
Talk to the butler first. He will direct you to his master, Baker.

Talk to Baker and he will say he have one more choir for you to do.

Talk to maid Siren, again. As you can tell and prolly guess, she is in some kind of trouble and you are here to help her.

Talk to the Butler and ask him about the next choir. He is worried about Siren and urge you to talk to Siren to help her out.

Go back to the second floor again to talk to Siren. Talk to her as above. She will ask you to get the energy drink for her brother's birthday present.

Go to the guild of Alchemist in Aldebaran. The place of the guild is shown as above map.

Talk to the Alchemist as above and he will ask you to bring certain materials for the energy drink. Bring them to him and he will make you an energy drink. (Sometime, he don't succeed in making the portion, if you fall into that situation, you have to bring the materials to him again...)

Go back to Baker's place in Alberta, and talk to Siren. She will thank you and then she will ask you to deliver the gift to her brother in Prontera. At this point, you will also recieve a letter from her to her bro. (Deliver both the items to her brother.)

Go to the castle in prontera as shown above pic.
Enter and you will see a guard standing by.

Talk to him as above and deliver the goods.

Go back to Alberta to the Siren.
Talk to her and she will give you 3 portions.

Go down stairs to talk to the butler. He will tell you that he will notify his master that you are all done with the choirs.

Go back to the second floor to talk to Baker.
He will give you another piece of Star jewel and tell you that is the last piece that you have to find. He will direct you to go back in Prontera to talk to Mr. Mets.

This is the first part of the Sign quest.
Except the time differences and the dancing test, it wasn't that bad, was it? Hehe, have fun to the next journey!

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これはThe Signのクエストだね^^

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The signのクエストちょっと長いですよね;;

ポン太くん 遊びによく来てるんですね!
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今現在はメッツにあずけてるんですが、時差計算をみすってしまい、受け取れなさそうな時間帯になってしまって・・・ 困った困った!

ぼんた 遊びにいってるんですか?
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