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  • Nick Name: BJ, 黒ちゃん, まぐろぉ, 他
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Many of my friends told me that I "can't" do solo in the Einbroch dungeon, second floor. Well, as you prolly knows, when I hear the word "can't", I have to go there and try and see if that's true.
The only weapon I brought with me was the 3 star fist and +5 Double Titan Finger. I don't have specialized shield for the types of monsters that lives there, so I just went it with my regular animal specialized shield.

Here's a lil bear that is feared by many. It would be prolly better if you have a specialized weapons for these types of monster, either by size or by its kind. If you are going by the sizes, I guess its better to have both the large specialized weapon and the small one. If you are not really good at switching weapons, then you should go by the kind-specialized weapon, such as "beholder" weapon. (With the peko's egg card) Even you don't have it, the bear can be killed about 5 occult impaction attacks. Using the good old motion delay cancelling technique, it ain't too bad killing these bears.

The drops are pretty much okay zone. It's not as economical as the Conron Dungeon, but well I got nothing to complain.

This big junk pot and the black one uses stunning skills. Which for agility specilized avi like mine, really detest!! If you see it using skills, (they shine before they use stunning attacks) you can use "hide" for just one second and that will let you off the hook. This dungeon is fun, cuz it is challenging, but it's doable one, not impossible. Every split second decisions counts in this dungeon, which monsters to kill off first, or how fast you wanna walk through the dungeon to even what skill you uses. Important thing is "not to get surrounded".

If you see the monster above, best to just let it be... Take another route and hopely, you don't see it again! (lol I wanted to get a close up, but I guess this was close enough...
Anyway, this dungeon is challenging but fun! It's a good training dungeon, as far as I can see. I think I will stay here for a while to collect some steel bars.

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