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Animal Crossing
As you might know from the previous articles, that I play Animal Crossing of Nintendo DS version. Today, I guess Imma write about that instead of something RO related.
I have finally finished enlarging my house in NINTENDO DS up to its maximum!! I have been paying the loan from the benefit I make out of the fruit trees I have in my town. Since the winter fish "Ito" gone, I didn't have much of luck in catching big fish...
I had to recreate my own avi, because there was a bug in the program. I haven't noticed the probabilty or causation of this particular bug, but from what I read in the Tip site, it happens rather often.

-The Symptom-
Every citizens of the town would give a picture of themself, once you reached a certain level of friendship with a character. This pictures contain animals' motto and if you use it as a decoratives for your turf, it will let you earn the high points for the room examination by "happy room academy". I just like to collect them as a record of the animals visitaion.

Bug 1: Can't get the picture from certain types of characters, because the animals somehow thinks they already gave you their pictures. (This bug seems to be happening mostly on the animals who uses "boku" for the first person tense. (the early wakers for those of you uses Animal Crossing USA version.))

This bug had been yucky one to fix.
If you don't have your alts made, you can try to gain friendship from your alts, but there is a still chance of getting the same result... I have found a way to fix this bug by creating alt to keep the town (and houses) then, deleting the main avi. Then, recreating the main avi, once again. Remember to take out the money from the bank before you delete your main avi, since you can't keep its bank account. Put the money on the grounds and all the things you have on your avi. Then end the game (after saving), after that, restart the game and choose "other things" on your menu to delete your main avi. You can then, recreate your main avi, go through the same steps with the Tanuki bear and you are set to go.

Bug2: The female animals (late wakers) keep on giving you their pictures over and over!

I found this bug co-occuring with the Bug1 as I described above... I don't know if these two bugs have some kinds of connections between two or not, I fixed this bug just by doing the same thing I described above.
Anyway, For fixing the bug, I had recreated the main avi and got the new town code... (Each time you make a character, the gate keeper will give you new friend code, even for your alts)

So for those of you who knows me from the Animal Crossing, I would like to tell you the new code of mine:

Town's Name: Narnia
Friend Code: 0129-5176-4270

Feel free to come over to my town and take some fruits!!
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